Canada is an bracing and pulchritudinous country, but it's besides a huge land stretching across an whole continent, and is in vocabulary of area, the 2d large administrative division in the international. As power be anticipated for specified a big nation, Canadian cooking has tons nothing like regional variations.

Canadian cuisine is too influenced by the country's past associations with Britain and France, and by taste rotate beside the near United States. Additionally, German, eastern European (including Polish), and Scandinavian influences can be seen in the West of country, and Canada has formed its own individual mixed bag of Chinese stores (including the "Chinese smorgasbord" (which is believed to have originated in Vancouver in the ordinal half of the 19th century), and in attendance are also, of course, Inuit and First Nations traditions too.

Some favorite Canadian dishes and meals include:

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- Lumberjack's breakfast - A huge breakfast of eggs, ham, bacon and sausage, attended by several pancakes.

- Fish and brewis - This is a standard alimentation from Newfoundland. It is ready-made from salt-cured cod and hardtack (a savory breadstuff breed cracker made from food product). The cod and the hardtack are some drenched finished darkness (separately), later stewed (still disengage) back one barbecued unneurotic. Pork fat or skin ("scrunchions"), or raddled food (melted dairy product thickened beside chopped onions and flour) are after drizzled finished the fish and hardtack fusion.

- Jigg's tea - This is other old school teatime of Newfoundland. It consists of briny beef, stewed potatoes, cabbage, carrots and turnips, accompanied next to pease dessert (a adust join ready-made from peas).

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- Flipper pie - A Newfoundland plate ready-made from seal flippers.

- Toutin - Also from Newfoundland, a toutin (there are a collection of spellings, and various cyclic calumny specified as "damper dogs" or "damper devils") is a pancake-like plate made from intermixture cooked in fat.

- Montreal bagels - The Canadian edition of bagels; cooked in honey-sweetened marine and afterwards fried in a wood-fired furnace. The bagels are ordinarily lidded with either poppyseed or benny pip (the varieties anyone referred to as "black seed" and "white seed" severally). Please note: Most bakeries in Montreal are not certifiable as mortal cosher.

- Oreilles de crisse - Deep-fried meat jowls, in general served next to maple sweetener.

- Pâté chinois - A French Canadian dishware a little matching to Shepherd's pie: a sheet of earth oxen (usually intermingled beside peppers and onions), layered next to a bed of corn (a mix of full-page plant part and creamed corn is routinely used), muffled beside a sheet of mashed potatoes. The serving of food may be besprent with paprika, and is oft served with preserved beets.

- Poutine - Originally from Québec, but now grassroots all through Canada, poutine is French fries flat-topped with dairy product curds and strewn next to gravy.

- Tourtière - A time-honoured Québec meat pie, particularly favourite during the Christmas period, made mistreatment soil pork, meat or beef. A variation, tourtière du Lac-Saint-Jean, contains diced game and potatoes.

- Ginger cows - A Chinese serving dish fashionable in western Canada, consisting of wakeless deep-fried carpet of cows coated beside a sweet sauce (the condiment has been represented as woman to some extent akin to Japanese teriyaki sauce).

- Butter tarts - Butter, sweetening and foodstuff in a pastry dough shield. Various ingredients such as as nuts, coconut, dates, brown chips, butterscotch, etc., may optionally be additional.

- Figgy duff - A dessert from Newfoundland, made by vapor butter, sugar, foodstuff and raisins in a bag.

- Nanaimo bar - A unadventurous Canadian afters consisting of iii layers, from nethermost to top: a small indefinite amount blanket (made mistreatment coconut, nut and wafer crumbs), a stratum of vanilla custard, and a sheet of tan.

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