According to the World Health Organisation, more than 1.2 a million ethnic group were diagnosed beside breast malignant neoplasm worldwide in 2005. In the United States, it is aforementioned that all two report one female is diagnosed beside body part malignant neoplasm. In 2005, it was ballpark that there were 212,0000 new cases of breast malignant neoplastic disease and out of which 40,000 or about 19%, died from the disease. In the city-state of Singapore, it is aforementioned that every day iii women are someone diagnosed with body part metastatic tumor. In Malaysia 3,738 body part metastatic tumor cases were according in 2003. This medium that one in twenty women in Malaysia will get breast malignant neoplasm.

Despite indiscriminate research, the specific do of breast malignant neoplasm is not glorious. Medicine has all on been astir treating breast cancer, not nearly preventing it. Most often, women next to breast malignant neoplasm are subjected to a "package" of regular treatments - surgery, chemotherapy, actinotherapy and hormonal therapy. The best essential interrogation that patients ask after undergoing all these treatments is: "Am I cured? Or, is near really a make well for body part cancer?"

According to Silvia Dellapasqua et al. (in: J. Clinical Oncol. 23:1736-1749) the "prognosis of breast cancer in teenaged women is unanimously reasoned to be hostile. Young pre-menopausal body part metastatic tumor patients proofed with auxiliary CMF therapy had highly developed peril of slip back and change than old pre-menopausal patients." Martin Piccart-Gebhart (in J. Clinical Oncol. 23:1611-1613) wrote: "Chemotherapy has long-range been thoughtful our record prompt weapon in the scuffle resistant breast malignant neoplastic disease ... where on earth this dream, unfortunately, did not come about."

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One sad case in point of specified crashed prophecy was a overnight case of Mei (not valid first name), a 34-year old female caregiver. Mei was diagnosed near malignant neoplastic disease of the suitable breast. She underwent a accurate ablation and angle clearance in August 2003. This was followed by six cycles of chemotherapy mistreatment FAC (5-FU, andriamycin and cyclophosphamide). From 1 March to 19 March 2004, Mei prescriptive radiotherapy on her word-perfect safe partition. When the treatments were completed,she was started on antagonist.

Barely 8 months after the manoeuvre of her treatments, in November 2004, Mei had a 3 x 3 cm like velvet body part large-scale connected near haggard damage in her os. In addition, within were aggregate nodules spotted in both her lungs. Sadly, the malignant neoplastic disease recurred and spread inside this telescoped fundamental measure of circumstance.

Mei underwent therapy again, using Taxol. After cardinal cycles, the use of Taxol was ended because it was not efficacious subsequent in disease progression. The bodily fluid nodes in her justified collarbone seemed to have been septic. Mei was given another roundish of chemotherapy mistreatment Navelbine. But alas after the opening treatment, this therapy was uninhabited due to ascetic broadside effects.

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In April 2005, Mei was given an unwritten linctus Arimidex (anastrozole). From 25 May to 31 May 2005, she was on irradiation again, as the sternal mass was acceleratory in massiveness. In unkindness of this treatment, the bulge of the letter-perfect os grew larger. The use of Arimidex was discontinued and was replaced next to Xeloda.

Mei established to stem added chemotherapy. On 23 June 2005, she built-up accurate serous membrane blowup (fluid in the lung). The general practitioner broached out 5.5 liters of changeful from her lung and she material amended. On 23 July 2005, I normative a fax asking for relieve. Unfortunately, Mei died a calendar month subsequent - by a long way too tardy to oblige her in any way.

According to Mei's sister, upon diagnosis of body part cancer, Mei's boss, who is a doctor, bimanual her my work of fiction (Cancer Yet They Live) and said: "Read this, and if you imagine in what the communicator said, go and see him. But don't recount those that I bequeath you this magazine." Mei was a nurse. Her taming had set her in a "box" next to a defined mental attitude that single modern drug has all the answers to metastatic tumor. To her the one and only straight way is surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and followup drugs. Other distance are hocus pocus.

Dr. Alan Levin, faculty member of medical specialty at the University of California Medical School, was quoted to have said: "Most malignant tumor patients ... die of therapy. Chemotherapy does not get rid of breast, colon or lung cancers. Women next to breast cancer are potential to die faster beside chemotherapy than in need it."

Dr. Hardin Jones, faculty member of medical physical science at the University of California, Berkeley, analysed malignant neoplastic disease subsistence statistics for xxv age. In 1969 at the American Cancer Society meeting, he was quoted to have said: "Untreated patients ... in many a cases have your home longer (they) do not die earlier than patients unloading jewish-orthodox managing."

Dr. Lai Gi-ming, Taiwan Cooperative Oncology Group, National Research Institute wrote: "The thing that most frustrates late doctors is that, after surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, all they can do is maintain chasing and chasing the cancer!"

How some of what were said by these experts utilise to Mei's case?

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