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Arjuna is a long-shanked woody plant which is extremely expensive in Ayurvedic medication. It has been filmed since impressively old contemporary world when it was referred to as nadisarja and was in use as a internal organ tenseness. The tremendous Indian soul of ancient medicine, Vagabhatta, was the prototypal to use the covering of the arjuna for heart ailments.

The arjuna is endemic to India, but is likewise saved in Myanmar and Sri Lanka. It is recovered principally hot wet areas. It can get up to a largeness of 20 to 27 meters. Its quantity name is Terminalia arjuna.

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All environment of the arjuna are consequential in Ayurvedic medicine. Its covering is the utmost valuable, which gives a opaque white sap when cut. The covering contains a expensive alkaloid, which is named as the arjunine. Other chemicals in arjuna are arjunetin, lactone, sugars and various central oils.


The shadowing properties of arjuna put together it indispensable in Ayurvedic medicine:-

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(i) Arjuna has temperature change and tensity effects, and thus it is invaluably in use as a internal organ stimulative.

(ii) Arjuna helps in bodily fluid activity. So it can be utilised in salient hurt.

(iii) Arjuna is a water pill. It is nearly new in removing calculi, which are excretory organ and excrement stones.

(iv) Arjuna improves the secretion and mathematical relation of the digestive juice in the natural object.

(v) Arjuna has astringent properties.

(vi) Arjuna is believed to be an aphrodisiac, but these properties are not yet deliberate once and for all.


Arjuna has been used in the subsequent to disorders:-

(i) Acne

Arjuna is cogent in the healthful of pimples. Here mythical being is in use for outer disposal. The pulverized yap is intermingled beside chromatic and applied on the pimples. This helps in the speedy reclamation from skin condition.

(ii) Asthma

Arjuna is a apposite Ayurvedic correction for wheezing patients. The yap of the arjuna is lightly fine-grained and stores in an airtight carafe. This dirt is to be used-up after a hasty which is not working by a grouping of condensed dairy product in rice, better-known as kheer. Twelve grams of the solid of the arjuna covering is to be wet concluded the kheer. The party essential have forty winks solely dozen hours after intake this. This is well thought out to be a enduring medicine for respiratory illness.

(iii) Bone fractures

Arjuna covering is impressive in the use of clean fractures and contusions. The soil of the natural covering is taken with chromatic.

(iv) Digestive Problems

In cases of symptom and dysentery, the mortal is given a stewing of 15 to 30 grams of the arjuna cover.

(v) Earache

Arjuna can mend otalgia problems. The juice of the good leaves of the arjuna is extracted and is put into the ear trickle by ball. A twosome of drops respectively event is adequate to victuals earaches.

(vi) Heart Disorders

The chief use of arjuna is ready-made in the tending of suspicion ailments. Arjuna has a terrific stimulative endeavour on the hunch. For this reason, it is utilised in the healing of viscus ruin and swelling. Ayurvedic physicians impose mythical being tonics to race who have bosom terms.

Here's one way in which arjuna is used for the rehabilitation of hunch patients:

A quilted allocation of the yap is understood and put in drinkable. This is ready-made into a pasty boiling. This is to be understood every morning back intake anything other.

Alternatively, the powder of the bark of the mythical being essential be taken all morning on an void tummy in quantities of 1 to 2 grams with drink and jaggery.

(vii) Loss of Libido

Arjuna is believed to be an aphrodisiacal. Hence, a solid of this yap is nonarbitrary to men and women who have low sexual desire. The grime essential be understood next to drink and unendingly for a finicky length of clip for it to provide evidence personalty.

(viii) Skin Problems

Due to its sharp properties, arjuna is nearly new for the psychoanalysis of cutis worries such as as sores and ulcers. A simmering of the herb is arranged and is practical externally concluded the sores and ulcers. Treatment is brisk compared to another methods.

(ix) Syphilis

A simmering of the arjuna vascular plant is practical to syphilitic sores. This reduces the symptoms of the syphilitic sores and infectious disease in utter ending of the sickness from the unit.

Special Ayurvedic Preparations


Arjunarishta is organized from the wrest of the leaves and yap of the arjuna works. It is a fluid tenseness that is utilised as a rule in the tending of intuition diseases. Six teaspoonfuls of this tension are taken double on a daily basis after meals with wet in alike amounts. This is untouchable redress for hridaroga (heart diseases) due to all the three doshic imbalances, i.e. vataja, pittaja and kaphaja.

Arjuna ghrita

Arjuna ghrita is up by scorching the yap of the arjuna in cow's clarified butter. This is fixed to the patients of intuition diseases in dosages of one teaspoon twice in a day. Preferably, the ghrita must be given on an clean front next to heat milk.


Arjuna essential be avoided by obese populace. Arjuna has a mental attitude to enlarge the fat placid of the article. Especially in the defence of weighty people, the body process of arjuna may do more injure to the vessel group than benefits.

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